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Change for the good always comes about after upheaval. This is what is depicted in this work, which is divided into three tiers. The first is the abstracted landscape. This was achieved by painting a dark, earthy base then using an olive thinner, scraped back over it to give a matt glaze.
The second tier is the white cloud form, which stands for the rewards of change, emerging from the darker base of struggle. The final layer, signified by the burnished gold leaf is the change, which takes place on a supernatural level. It bears the burnishing of past mistakes, since it is only through these that wisdom comes.
Year 2020 has been a remarkable year for the whole world. For many of us, it has been an opportunity to reinvent identities and change life course. This painting is a joyful celebration of that new birth.
Art collectors outside Europe - this will be sent rolled and unstretched for free shipping. If you would like special arrangements, shipping will be an additional cost.

Year of Change

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