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Oil on canvas

80cm x 50cm x 4cm

'The visible form not only points to an invisible mystery of the depth, but it is its appearance; it reveals it, but at the same time it also shelters and veils it'.
Hans Ur von Balthasar was a theologian who wrote about aesthetics. He believed that beauty is transcendental, able to communicate something non-verbally without saying it at all. It invites you to partake in the greater mystery which is the organising principle of the form. 

This work celebrates his work.  The beauty is abstract but there is a clear organising form, yet it resists being a landscape entirely.  There are clouds but in a surreal ochre sky and the turquoise and black meet in an usual way; the black admitting the turquoise within itself, like the mystery and what it is pointing to.  


This painting is mounted on a deep edge canvas and is ready to hang.

Von Balthasar

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