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Oil on canvas

70cm x 80cm x 4cm 


'The truth is, that despite three millennia of investigation by humanity's most brilliant detectives, light refuses to surrender all its secrets.  As familar as our own faces, light is the first thing we see at birth, the last at dying.' - Bruce Watson Light - A radiant history from creation to the quantum age


In this oil painting, light shines from behind cascades of olive green.  The elements of the work have a sense of garden, of the organic.  The abstraction allows the mind to find rest in the softness of the palette and the gentle dynamic of the long brushstrokes: light is the central point, tying the sky and cascades together. 


There is an attempt here to offer light without shadow, only to offset it with the colours of nature.  Tucking it behind the cascades allows the light to be  playfully secretive, or somehow emergent, as the title suggests, not fully disclosing its secrets to mankind.  As much as we know how to use light, we still do not fully understand even what it is - it is at once miraculously mysterious and as the quote says, intimately known by us. 

The Secret Life of Light

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