The Radiant Centre (Triptych)

The Radiant Centre (Triptych)

Oil on canvas

150cm x 80cm x 3cm (Can be hung together or apart)

Based on the poem by 'Being' by Don Paterson.

Silent comrade of the distances,
Know that space dilates with your own breath;
ring out, as a bell into the Earth
from the dark rafters of its own high place –

then watch what feeds on you grow strong again.
Learn the transformations through and through:
what in your life has most tormented you?
If the water’s sour, turn it into wine.

Our senses cannot fathom this night, so
be the meaning of their strange encounter;
at their crossing, be the radiant centre.

And should the world itself forget your name
say this to the still earth: I flow.
Say this to the quick stream: I am.



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