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120cm x 90cm

Oil on canvas

Individual panel of the painting also listed as the triptych.

This work is inspired by the artist's love of nature, rocks and the sea. There is a critical point in art where you have to take a risk and this is what this painting symbolises. The central panel shows the lowest point and there is a yellowish light, calling the subject within. The rocks either side have an almost cloud like, or sea-foam appearance, adding the surreal element of the imagination because the drop off is the invitation to see things in a different light, where there is no clear divide between imagination and reality.
Green is the colour of creativity which is why the main body is this unusual jade green; not quite sea nor sky. The trailing clouds in the top right are old thoughts passing away. The painting marks a turning point in the artist's thinking and a new sense of daring.

The Drop Off (Individual Panel 2)

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