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Oil & charcoal on canvas

120cm x 150cm x 3cm

Sometimes abstracts look like they are executed with rapidity and spontaneous energy and to an extent that is true. Van Gogh said one must paint quickly.  More recently, I have wanted to 'slow it down', be less gestural and more contemplative in my abstract work.  There is still the dynamism (for example, the long blue rain drips) but there is slow and careful thought behind the contrast of the dark and light in the middle section for example.  The layering is a mix of palette work, poured glazes and finer brushwork; the white cloudy section giving way to the burnt umber beneath, influenced by the work of Zao Wou Ki.  

Please note that although this work is stretched on a wooden frame, for certain destinations it will be sent as rolled canvas and will need to be restretched at a framer's, given the large size of the work.  This is not only to protect the piece in transit but because of the carbon footprint of sending a heavy frame.

Slow it Down

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