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Oil on canvas

150cm x 120cm


Meditative study of the effect of divine grace on life; still waters, green pastures.  The artist is interested in the way large pieces like this, which instill calm can entirely change the frequency of a room.  There is something about original art which has a pure and astounding energy quite different from prints. They are alive and especially oils as these are natural and organic pigments, able to transmit energy in a way synthetics such as acrylics are not able to.
The subject of grace is something fairly lost in a society where we are taught to constantly strive.  To receive grace through nature, through snow, lakes and fields is to be rooted in our most human nature and it frees us from anxiety.  The top section of this work shows a sort of snowfall and this is the fall of grace, which collects in the hills of the landscape either side of the water.  It is semi-surreal to allow the viewer to see other meanings in the painting also. 

Reflections of Grace

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