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Oil & Pigment on canvas

120cm x 150cm x 3cm

Broadly speaking, my work divides into two main spheres. The first is abstractions from nature and tends towards the ethereal. This body of work has a nebular quality and clouding, glazes and mists are often incorporated. The other division of work falls into a more contemporary, modern category. This is a celebration of colour without form and is a purer sense of abstract, with a more 'design' than organic quality.
This large canvas, created using raw pigments, falls into the second. I particularly love working with the umber as it feels like refined earth and this element of the painting is the dominant feature (top/centre/left). The other colours, layered beneath using thinned oils and rough knife work remain unblended to maintain a candid sense of abstract. The iron oxide forms a complementary section to the umber on the bottom right.

Oxide & Umber

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