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Oil on canvas

161cm x 100cm x 3cm

In the modern world, it's very hard to listen to what lies in the silence in our deepest self. We are constantly bombarded with interference; the internet, live streams, films, social media. I have spent years learning to listen and am still poor at it. But when I do hear, what I hear transcends all my expectation. I hear perfect love, perfect acceptance. I receive light. It's hard to talk about these things without it sounding like a cliché, but in this work, I am striving to say something about that breakthrough moment. I show the light transmitting itself to me - all I can capture is this minor ellipse, much of it bouncing out (left field). Of all the light (message) that is thrown down, only the smallest degree is shown landing.  Yet that light and the silent words within its brilliance, has the capacity to be life changing, if one will pay attention and listen.  

The title is provocatively paradoxical, intertwining the senses to indicate the breaking of norms of physicality.

Listening to Light

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