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Oil on canvas

92cm x 122cm x 3cm

'Eternal Reason' is a painting exploring the way that temporal existence only makes sense when it is the grounding for supernatural identity.  It is the cherished belief of the artist that there is life after death; heaven and a new kingdom.  The loss of perspective of this in contemporary society means that reasoning is based on values which are fleeting.  

Clearly, the earth section at the bottom of this work represents temporal existence, which gives way to a swirling turquoise sky of eternity.  There is great joy expressed through the vibrancy of the sky.  Motion is conveyed in a circular way with traces of clouds, echoing the parabola of the earth, rising on the left side of the painting.  A straight horizon was avoided, which would signify more of a boundary between the present and the infinite, whereas, here, the 'now' rises impossibly out of the ground to arch into the eternal.

Eternal Reason

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