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Va Va Varnish

Updated: Apr 20

Okay so a short clip of varnishing may not be everyone's cup of tea but the process of seeing colour pop from the matt to gloss is pretty exciting in the flesh, as it were. Since we're in Lockdown, I thought I might actually activate this blog, which has only ever had one post. My initial idea was to tie in psychology and art. I had not long left my teaching career in psychology and philosophy and was still in that mode. However, I think a simple journal blog may be easier to maintain, since the last post was August 2019. Oops.

I love following artists on Instagram and seeing their daily life, so I guess I'll use this blog the same way. To get you up to speed, I've been selling my abstracts now for about ten months. It's going well - better than I could have imagined. I'm growing in my practice all the time and selling well. The painting you see me varnishing here is off to Canada, to a realtor company. I also sold two other paintings yesterday. Corona 0, Me 3. Actually more than three as I sold two last week. That's pretty amazing...but, one never knows when the next sale will be and how long those sales will have to last. The gallery commission is hefty too. I don't think customers realise that the online galleries take between 35-50% of sales. I don't mind if they're selling and Artfinder and Singulart have been particularly good to me. At this point, I'm still in a lot of debt but watch this space...intend to be debt free by the end of the year and not taking more than I need from the world. No more holidays on credit cards (to be fair, I only did this once) or pay later products. It's all about simple living from here...


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