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What colour are your thoughts today?

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Do you dream in colour? When I was a young morose child, nearly all my dreams were in dark colours or in half light. It's a well documented fact that melancholic people do not process light and colour the way happy-clappies do. I don't know about you, but I NEED colour. Maybe I've only become an abstract artist now because I am so content (and I'll be even happier when I can avoid UK winters). The detail in the abstract below is from a current work in progress and I'm really into these colours right now.

What your dreams say about you

It used to be believed that we mostly dream in black and white: wrong! Current research says that the majority of us do dream in colour, some more than others. I personally dream in such bright colours now, I wake up vibrating with light frequencies (love it). I also dream whole paintings - when I try to paint these, they're a bit of a disaster but … maybe with more practice, I'll get some synchronicity between what's in my mind and what appears on the canvas.

Last but not least, I read an article a while ago about wireless implants (light emitting devices) being used in cancer treatments to reduce tumours (photodynamic therapy) - maybe you've already read about it? How exactly illumination via optical fibres works is beyond this post's remit. Nevertheless, colour is being used in optogenetics for all sorts now, including treating PTSD and depression. The applications are fascinating.

So, have a think about what colour your thoughts are today - do you think they're giving you an accurate reading? Are you more neon pink or dank grey?

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