My original training was as a watercolour artist for a small studio in Surrey.  I abandoned that to pursue an academic career and taught Philosophy & Psychology (specialising in Philosophy of Mind) for ten years.  Overloaded with words and complex ideas, my mind was wilting from the lack of spontaneous input and so I began to paint abstract as pure expressionism.  Once the palette knife was in my hand, I connected to abstract art in a way I had never connected to any creative output.  I wouldn't say I have left Philosophy behind entirely, only that those concepts are finding a new channel. 

I work in oils and prefer larger canvases, finding a mental openness when painting on this scale.  What fascinates me most is energy and light; the energy and light within and without the human mind and soul, as well as the energy of a painting.  I hope to share my love of the world and of states of fullness through my work. There is so much to be grateful for in this beautiful and sacred world and that is what I am contemplating when I paint. 


About my studio


Just before Brexit (literally the day before borders were closed), my husband and I made the crossing to France with our dog Massimo and our cat Farley.  The sale of our UK house hadn't even gone through but we knew it was a now or never situation.  We ended up in a rented gite for two months, waiting for the sale to complete.

And then it did!


The region here is a forest paradise.

The Main Studio

My art consists of two main techniques.  Mostly, it is brushwork, typically I go for a fan brush to smooth and blend.  I'm not a fan of geometric abstracts and favour the more organic, expressionist form.  The brushwork and finer palette work is done in the gite which adjoins the main house.  This is the connecting door...

20210513_123305 ,.jpg

The Messy Studio

Another part of my process is liquid-oils art.  This has to take place in a well ventilated area and the outside atelier is perfect for this.  It has doors either side and a row of three lovely old windows overlooking our garden.

Varnishing is also done here, as well as other prep, such as painting the sides of the canvases for a gallery finish.